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ProPlas Intercept® ESd Moisture Barrier Film
ProPlas InterceptĀ® is the first ESd, Moisture Barrier Film capable of meeting Clean Room Requirements and other Environmental Protocal. This 'State of the Art' technology was designed for the protection of static and corrosion sensitive materials. Commonly used for ESd & moisture resistant gaylord liners for shipping, Static Intercept was developed by Lucent Technologies Bell Labs to solve the problems that electronics industry was experiencing with static and corrosion damage. By developing the Intercept Technology, they found a way to solve both corrosion and static problems with a single product, a feat no other single product can currently do. The dual functionality is what makes the technology so unique and revolutionary.

ProPlas InterceptĀ® Packaging provides the following performance charactertistics:
  • Static Protection
  • Humidity Independence
  • Resistance Characteristics
  • Clean Room Uses
  • Stability
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Environmental Issues & Approvals

    Static Protection
    Basis of Technology
    The Static Intercept Technology is based on the covalent bonding of semi-conductors into the polymer matrix. During the compounding stage the raw materials are reacted together to form a homogeneous substance with all of the components permanently bonded into the polymer structure. Since it is a homogeneous structure it can go directly into the normal Polyethylene recycle stream. Due to this, Static Intercept meets the stringent German packaging material requirements, unlike some current ESD packaging, which cannot meet these standards.These characteristics allow Intercept to be combined with most of the polymers in current use such as (but not limited to) polyolifins, styrenes, and, polycarbonates.

  • ProPlas Intercept® ESd Moisture Barrier Film for Packaging - Bagging Films provide: Static Protection, Humidity Independence, Resistance Characteristics, Clean Room Uses, Stability, Corrosion Protection, addresses Environmental Issues & Approvals.
       (STATIC INTERCEPT - PROPLAS) ProPlas Intercept® ESd Moisture Barrier Film
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