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Plastic Rods
Plastic Rods (Plastic Rod and Bar Stock) is manufactured in more than 300 different materials for a wide range of applications. Most plastic rods sold by Professional Plastics are used to for cnc manufacturing of bearing, rollers, gears and seals. These plastic rods are produced in materials such as Delrin Rods, Nylon Rods, Teflon Rods, PEEK Rods, Vespel Rods, Torlon Rods and hundreds of others. Plastic rods from Professional Plastics meet Federal Supply Class (FSC): 9330 - Plastics Fabricated Materials - Plastic Rods. Click links below for technical data and pricing for plastic rod materials.
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(ABS - MACHINE GRADE) ABS Machine Grade - Rods & Sheet/Plate
ABS Machine Grade - Rods & Sheet/Plate
ABS Welding Rods
(ACETAL HEX BAR) Acetal Hexagonal Bar
Acetal Hexagonal Bar
(ACETAL Rods- Colors-FDA_NOT-Medical) Acetal Rod - Colors FDA (Food Grade)
Acetal Rod - Colors FDA (Food Grade)
(ACETAL COPOLYMER) Acetal Sheets & Rods (Copolymer)
Acetal Sheets & Rods (Copolymer)
(Acetal Square Bar) Acetal Square Bar
Acetal Square Bar
(ACETRON GP) Acetron® GP Acetal
Acetron® GP Acetal
(ACRYLIC CAST ROD) Acrylic Rods - Cast
Acrylic Rods - Cast
(Acrylic Rods - Cast - Machine Grade) Acrylic Rods - Cast - Machine Grade
Acrylic Rods - Cast - Machine Grade
(ACRYLIC ROUND ROD) Acrylic Rods - Extruded
Acrylic Rods - Extruded
(ACRYLIC SPIRAL) Acrylic Spiral Rod
Acrylic Spiral Rod
(ALUMINUM) Aluminum
(AMSSPECS) AMS Specification Listing
AMS Specification Listing
(Arlon PEEK) Arlon® PEEK - all grades
Arlon® PEEK - all grades
(Boron Nitride) Boron Nitride - Combat®
Boron Nitride - Combat®
(CARBON RODS-TUBES) Carbon Rods, Tubes, Sheets
Carbon Rods, Tubes, Sheets
(CELAZOLE) Celazole® PBI (U-60) Molded 100% PBI
Celazole® PBI (U-60) Molded 100% PBI
(Celazole TU-60 (extruded PBI-PEEK blend)) Celazole® TU-60 (extruded PBI-PEEK blend)
Celazole® TU-60 (extruded PBI-PEEK blend)
(TEFLON NXT 75) Chemours® NXT 75
Chemours® NXT 75
(TEFLON 7A PTFE) Chemours® PTFE 7A
Chemours® PTFE 7A
(TEFLON 7C PTFE) Chemours® PTFE 7C
Chemours® PTFE 7C
(TEFLON 8A PTFE) Chemours® PTFE 8A
Chemours® PTFE 8A
(TEFLON 9B) Chemours® PTFE 9B
Chemours® PTFE 9B
(Corporate Overview Video) Corporate Overview Video
Corporate Overview Video
(CPVC SHEET & ROD) CPVC Sheet - CPVC Rod - Grey
CPVC Sheet - CPVC Rod - Grey
(CPVC WELDING ROD) CPVC Welding Rod - Grey
CPVC Welding Rod - Grey
(DELRIN 500AF) Delrin® 500AF
Delrin® 500AF
(Delrin 527 UV Resistant Black) Delrin® 527 UV Resistant
Delrin® 527 UV Resistant
(DELRIN 570 GF) Delrin® 570 - 20% Glass-Filled Acetal
Delrin® 570 - 20% Glass-Filled Acetal
(DELRIN AF BLEND-13%) Delrin® AF Blend - 13% PTFE (Standard)
Delrin® AF Blend - 13% PTFE (Standard)
(DELRIN DE 588) Delrin® AF- DE588
Delrin® AF- DE588
(DELRIN SHEET & ROD) Delrin® Sheet & Rod (Acetal Homopolymer)
Delrin® Sheet & Rod (Acetal Homopolymer)
(DELRIN100AF) Delrin®  100AF - 20% PTFE (Custom Order)
Delrin® 100AF - 20% PTFE (Custom Order)
(Duratron D7000 PI) Duratron D7000 PI
Duratron D7000 PI
(DURATRON XP) Duratron® XP Polyimide
Duratron® XP Polyimide
(Duratron U1000 PEI) Duratron® U1000 PEI
Duratron® U1000 PEI
(ECOGEHR) ECOGEHR® Bio-Polymer Shapes
ECOGEHR® Bio-Polymer Shapes
(ECOGEHR C-L) ECOGEHR® C-L Biodegradable
ECOGEHR® C-L Biodegradable
(ECOGEHR PA) ECOGEHR® PA - Polyamide Bioplastic
ECOGEHR® PA - Polyamide Bioplastic
Ertalyte® PET-P
(ERTALYTE TX) Ertalyte® TX
Ertalyte® TX
(Excess Inventory - Clearance Items) Excess Inventory - Clearance Items
Excess Inventory - Clearance Items
(FEP) FEP Rods & Sheets
FEP Rods & Sheets
(FLUOROLOYH) Fluoroloy® H (aka Rulon® H)
Fluoroloy® H (aka Rulon® H)
(FluoroPro PCTFE) FluoroPro™ PCTFE
FluoroPro™ PCTFE
(FluoroPro™ PFA) FluoroPro™ PFA Rods & Sheets
FluoroPro™ PFA Rods & Sheets
(FLUOROSINT 207) Fluorosint® 207
Fluorosint® 207
(FLUOROSINT 500) Fluorosint® 500
Fluorosint® 500
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