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Fiber Brite® Fiberglass Sheet

  • Available Types (by thickness)
  • TuffStuff™ a .250 gauge panel that replaces costly ¾"— 1" laminates, MDO and heavy gauges of aluminum. This two-sided exterior panel will not scratch, chip or dent like other substrates. In full 4'x8' sheets, TuffStuff™ offers superior rigidity and durability, and is easily fabricated into smaller UV stabilized sign blanks. When mounted on our Fiber Post, the sign installations rarely need replacement. TuffStuff™ combines a high-density corrugated core, sandwiched between two tough .045 FiberBrite™ panels. It is not affected by extreme climates.
  • Survivor™ a .135 gauge solid FRP panel that replaces ½"- ¾" thick laminates, MDO, and .080 gauge aluminum. This material will not warp, dent or delaminate. It is approved for street and traffic sign use by the Department of Transportation of the Federal Government. Survivor™ is ideal for medium size signs up to 36" for single post mounts. The 4'x8' blank is typically mounted on two posts. Survivor™ .135 is available in 8 vibrant colors: red, green, blue, yellow, white, brown, ivory, and black.
  • Original™ a .095 gauge solid FRP panel that replaces PVC, MDO, plywood, and .060 gauge aluminum. It is typically used outdoors and indoors for signs up to 24" on one post. Origina™ is extensively used as a general all purpose sign substrate by sign shops, Traffic Departments, Utilities, The Military, Prison Facilities, as well as Parks and Recreation Departments.
  • Value+™ a .060 gauge solid FRP panel replaces .040 gauge aluminum, 3 mill PVC, cell boards, and corrugated plastics. Temporary or permanent, this versatile panel is ideal anywhere that temperature or sunlight could cause other products to fade or warp. Great for use on fences, walls, as an overlay on an existing signs or on its own. Value+™ is the long lasting panel at a great price. Put it on our Fiber Post and extend the life of the installation.
  •    (FIBERBRITE) Fiber Brite® Fiberglass Sheet
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