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Acetal Rod - Colors FDA (Food Grade)
Acetal Rod - Colors FDA (Food Grade) - NOT MEDICAL GRADE
FDA-Compliant Colored Acetal Rods from Professional Plastics are available in seven standard FDA-compliant colors. Now available in small quantities with drastically-reduced lead times.
These Colored Acetal Rods meet the requirements of FDA Regulation 21 CFR, Section 177.2470 (e)(1),(2).
The colors are ideal where change-out parts need to be quickly and easily identified for use on specific processes. Available in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Gray and Brown
Special size and color combinations are available within 3-4 weeks from date of order, in quantities of about 200 lbs per size and color, depending on diameter. Sample discs are available for specification purposes.
The colors are strictly intended for industrial, pharmaceutical and food-related applications, and are NOT Suitable for Medical Orthopedic Use.
  • For Medical Applications, Use Sustarin C Medical Grade Acetal Rods
    This standard set of colors gives engineers access to acetal's porosity-free, low stress and cost-effective performance in machined parts, while adding increased functionality to their end product. The breakthrough is our ability to compress the time and volume formerly necessary for colors from the resin supplier and in our own shapes production.

  • Features of Acetal Rod - Colors FDA (Food Grade):
  • Seven standard FDA-compliant colors (for food grade applications - not medical orthopedic use).
  • Meets the requirements of FDA Regulation 21 CFR, Section 177.2470 (e)(1),(2).
  • Low minimum order & short lead-times.
  • Intended for parts in processing and packaging equipment for food, dairy processing and pharmaceutical products.
  • NOT Suitable for Medical Orthopedic Use
  •    (ACETAL Rods- Colors-FDA_NOT-Medical) Acetal Rod - Colors FDA (Food Grade)

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