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Two-Way See Through Surveillance Mirror
Two Way Transparent, See-through Mirrors (Surveillance Mirror) is available in either Acrylic 2 way mirror, or Polycarbonate 2 way mirror (for increased impact-resistance). Two way mirrors look like a mirror from one side and a window from the other side when correctly lit. You can only see through the mirror when the area you are looking from is darker then the area you are looking into. Works best when there is no light on the viewing side. When the light is equal on both sides it appears as a mirror but you can also see through to the other side.

1/8 " or 1/4" Mirror-Grade Acrylic acrylic or polycarbonate is coated with a 2-way Mirror Finish. Looks like a Mirror from the lighted side and a Window from the side with little or no light. Perfect for surveillance for a Show Room or Store from an Office. Can be used to hide surveillance cameras to monitor store activity. Used in Many Non-Security Related Crafts.
  • Note: Because acrylic and polycarbonate are flexible, we recommend the 1/4" thick for mirrors larger than 24" x 48" in size.

  • How does a Two Way Mirror Work ?
    A two-way mirror is often called a "one-way mirror" by members of the general public. The misconception is that such a mirror acts as a mirror from one side, and acts as a window (letting light through) from the other side. Actually, the two-way mirror is letting about half of the light through, and reflecting the other half of the light, from both sides. it is also called a half-silvered surface, as just enough reflecting metal film is deposited on the glass, so that about half of the light is reflected.
    So, why does a two-way mirror seem to behave like the two sides are different? It behaves this way when one side is in the dark. Then almost no light goes from the dark side to the light side, and almost no light is reflected back from the dark side to the dark side. Most of the light comes from the bright side. Plenty of light travels through the mirror, and plenty of light is reflected back. To people on both sides of the mirror, the light from the bright side overwhelms the light from the dark side. So, people on the bright side see a mirror, and people on the dark side see a window.

  • Surveillance for a Shops, Showrooms, Warehouse, Office, Daycare, or Bank.
  • Home security, Nanny-cam.
  • Hidden television, TV in the bathroom.
  • Interrogation of suspects.
  • Animal enclosures.
  •    (SEE THRU MIRROR) Two-Way See Through Surveillance Mirror
  • Acrylic Mirror - standard
  • Polycarbonate Mirror - standard
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